Cleaning and disinfecting our Hong Kong clinics by SGS smart robot

With the help of SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, Pet Space has arranged an automated smart cleaning robot (Avalon SteriTech Whiz Gambit) to conduct deep cleaning and decontamination in our Hong Kong animal clinics and hospitals.

The dry-mist spray of the robot is powered by a unique nozzle and pump technology that can generate disinfection particles in around 10 micron, ensuring pet and human friendly disinfectants penetrate in the small gaps that are difficult to reach during regular clean-ups. The robot is tested to effectively eliminate > 99.99% human coronavirus and kill > 99.99% bacterial.

While Pet Space has strengthened cleaning and disinfection work in our network clinics, we will continue exploring new technology to further enhance hygiene and health protection for pets, customers and our staff under the pandemic.

SGS Disinfection Service