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We make every effort to ensure you and your pets are well taken care of, and that they are receiving the highest quality of veterinary treatments. By integrating the best of Chinese and Western medicine, we provide a full array of services tailored to your pets’ individual needs.
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Chong Sheng Tang

Adhering to traditional Chinese medicine’s idea of restoring the body’s natural balance, Chong Sheng Tang offers a broad range of Chinese therapies for your furbabies, which includes acupuncture by internationally certified practitioners, Tui-Na Massage, herbal bath & spa, Chinese medicinal diets, and more.

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We are devoted to keeping animal lovers posted about the latest veterinary news, pet care tips and services, and of course – special offers and promotions on pet supplies!

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Providing premium medical services, PET SPACE is the largest veterinary group in Hong Kong with an extensive network of vet clinics, including a flagship animal hospital in Singapore. Based on our unique concept of ‘Medutainment’, we strive to deliver comprehensive veterinary care and customer service, from Medication, to Education, to Entertainment.

Just like our Rubik’s Cube inspired logo, we are flexible, diverse, and always keep a problem-solving mindset. We go all out to provide resources and different perspectives of animal care for owners. And most importantly, we promise to love your pets as much as you do!

If you share our passion in enhancing pets’ health and providing the best medical support for them, we’d like to invite you to join our team! With dedication and enthusiasm, we strive to make every moment count between pawrents and their four-legged companions.

24hr Emergency Vet

The Ark Veterinary Hospital offers 24/7 quality emergency vet care for your pets . No more panicking in the middle of the night or rushing to every clinic on a public holiday - our on-site veterinarians are here to ensure your furbabies can receive necessary care any time of the day.

Our Veterinary Team

Our Veterinary Team

On top of common practices like sterilisation and dental care, our excellent veterinary team goes out of their way to provide various kinds of surgical procedures, nursing care services, as well as treatment options for both acute and chronic conditions.

10 Animal Clinics and Hospitals in Hong Kong

10 Animal Clinics and Hospitals in Hong Kong

Our 120 frontline medical professionals work day in and day out across our 10 clinics, with the aspiration to provide reliable, accessible, and intimate pet care for your cherished furry friends.

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10 Animal Clinics Around the City
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Our Services

Veterinary care, tailored to your pet

We understand that each animal has its own personality, each pet-family can provide different level of care, so with respect and compassion, we commit to always guide you to make the best decisions for your pets.
Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

As our pets get older, their lifestyles and needs may change. Therefore it is important for animals aged 7 or above to do regular health checks, so as to identify early signs of diseases and preventing chronic illnesses. We are here to provide tailored healthcare services to ensure our local furiends continue to live a healthy, happy life as they age.

Dental Care

Dental Care

Dental and oral health problems are one of the most common health conditions in dogs and cats, usually due to an accumulation of bacteria inside the mouth from lack of brushing and insufficient dental care. To minimise teeth and gum diseases, plaque, and tartar, regular dental checkups and scaling are highly recommended.

Equipped with professional knowledge and skills, our experienced veterinarians go above and beyond to offer a wide range of quality services tailored to your pets’ needs. On top of medical and surgical consultation, vaccinations, body check-ups, and issuing medical health certificates, we also offer Traditional Chinese Medicine for pet. As an alternative to Western medical practices that can help ease pain and alleviate chronic conditions; and most importantly, improve our animals’ overall health from within.

24-hour Emergency Services

We have a team of experienced veterinarians on duty 24/7 at The Ark Veterinary Hospital every day around the year to provide medical support for you and your cherished pets. The Ark provides the highest level of pet emergency care when you need it most. Our fully equipped hospital in Sai Ying Pun has a separate cat and dog wards, ensuring your pets are recovering at stress-free environment. Stay calm and know that we are here for you - call us at 2549 2330!

Brand New Chinese Medicine Treatment Centre

Brand New Chinese Medicine Treatment Centre

At Hong Kong Veterinary Centre - Chong Sheng Tang, we offer a full array of certified Traditional Chinese medicine therapies for animals, from acupuncture tackling pains, nerve injuries, and endocrine issues, to herbal bath that deals with different skin and coat conditions, to medicinal dietary programs for general restoration of health - an alternative medical treatment that you and your pet will enjoy!

Surgical Treatment & Services

Surgical Treatment & Services

It is extremely important for us to provide the highest quality of care and establish a trusting relationship with our clients. Therefore we make sure all of our surgeries, including sterilisation, fracture repair, soft tissue surgery, tumor removal, and many other surgical operations, are carried out by experienced veterinarians. Our commitment is to provide one-stop services - from pre-surgery health examination, to post-op care, to healing surgical wounds, and guiding pet-owners through the recovery process.

Meet Our Team

Our talented team of more than 120 veterinarians and nurses are highly experienced and skilled in their specialties.

Pets are our friends, our family, someone who will always be dear to our hearts.

Which is why we are always doing our utmost to ensure they are receiving expert veterinary advice and the best care possible.

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