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The Ark Veterinary Hospital
24-hour Emergency Care

The Ark Veterinary Hospital operates 24/7/365, all day every day throughout the year. Our on-site veterinarians are on duty round the clock to offer necessary medical service, including first aid, intensive care, and surgical procedures.

To guarantee that sick pets in need of medical care are treated in a safe and comfortable environment, the hospital is well-equipped with hospitalisation facilities and isolation wards. Our separate hospital cat and dog wards mean animals kept in hospital or recovering from an anaesthetic are in an appropriate stress free environment.

If you find any lumps or bumps on your pets, please consult a vet immediately.

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Why Choose Us

A choice that makes the difference

Pet Space provides a full array of quality medical services - from consultation, to surgical operations, diagnostic imaging, as well as Traditional Chinese medicine and therapy specially designed for animals.

11 Animal Clinics in Hong Kong

With a team of more than 120 experienced and skilled medical professionals, working day in and day out across our 11 clinics, we guarantee that your pets are expertisedly treated with compassionate care.

Holistic Health Care for Pets

Focusing on healing from within, we treat animals using Traditional Chinese therapies, like acupuncture, Tui-Na massage, herbal spa & bath. These natural treatments are particularly effective in curing illnesses in senior pets, and we are privileged to be able to provide an affordable alternative for furiends and pawrents.

Out-of-Hours Emergency Vet

The Ark Veterinary Hospital has been serving local animals for almost 20 years. With in-built ICU and surgical facilities, our on-site veterinarians are here to provide medical support and first-aid treatment to ensure your pet can access the best urgent care anytime of the year.