Senior Pet Care: Annual health checkup can save you a few vet visits each year

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Guide to Senior Pet Care

Don’t we all want time to slow down so we can enjoy every moment with our pets? But it’s an inevitable fact that animals age quicker than we humans do. That being the case, we recommend bringing your senior pets for a full health check with blood test and urinalysis once or twice a year, depending on their age and health condition.

Regular health checks are effective in detecting early signs of health issues, and with the right treatment and medication, the recovery rate can be significantly increased. It is our privilege to be able to provide these resources for your beloved furbabies.

If you spot any of the following behavioural changes in your pet, we would advise you to arrange a vet visit as soon as possible:

If you happen to notice any lumps or bumps on your pet, please consult a veterinarian immediately.

Senior Pet Care

Health checkups and nursing care services for our senior furiends

Health Checks

Regular body checkups are super important, not only for keeping senior pets healthy, but also for our vets to pick up early signs of diseases, so that relevant treatment or preventive care can be implemented. Our routine physical examination consists of a CBC blood test, Elytes, an urinalysis, weight control, and dietary advice for aged animals, oral healthcare, and more.

Pet Acupuncture

By stimulating 'acupoints' in the central nervous system, muscles, and joints, acupuncture can effectively ease deep muscle pain and relieve nerve injuries. It is also helpful with curing common health problems in aged animals, like skin, heart, and endocrine issues. Results turn out to be even more significant when complemented by traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Traditional Chinese Therapy

The Chinese medical system has been in use for tens of thousands of years, and some of these herbs have been proven to be successful in treating diseases and illnesses in animals too. By restoring the balance through meridians in their bodies, these therapies are effective in easing severity of diseases, enhancing quality of health, boosting the immune system, improving the digestive system, and alleviating pains.

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Pet Space aspires to make premium veterinary services an accessible and intimate experience.

Our scope of service includes consultation, vaccination, dental care, diagnostic x-ray, ultrasound scans, physical therapy, as well as Traditional Chinese medicine and therapy specially designed for animals.

Extensive Network of Vet Clinics

Our team of excellent medical professionals across 11 clinics in the city, providing comprehensive quality pet care services for our community animals. With experienced vets and skilfully trained nurses on board, we guarantee you and your cherished companion are well cared for.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine heals the root cause of diseases and focuses on restoring the body’s natural balance; whereas Western medicine aims at speedy diagnosis and treatment. Here at Chong Sheng Tang, we combine the best of both, so that they complement each other and become an excellent alternative medical treatment for animals.

Emergency Vet Services

The Ark Veterinary Hospital, located in the Western District of Hong Kong, operates 24/7 throughout the year. Our on-site veterinarians are on duty round the clock, to ensure that your pets can receive necessary medical service, whether it's first aid or intensive care, at any hour.