Commercial pet food Vs homemade meals

Many owners choose to give their pets a homemade diet for good reasons. However, there are two common health issues related to this type of diet: food safety and nutritional integrity.

Several studies on homemade foods have shown that they lack essential nutrients. Feeding homemade food to your pet requires considerable time and planning, you have to know your cat or dog’s nutritional needs and this professional advice can only come from a pet nutritionist. Not something you can just Google online and then DIY.

For the reasons given above, A good quality AAFCO approved commercial diet (canned or dry) is going to be more nutritionally balanced than homemade meals. This kind of over-the-counter commercial (non-raw) pet food brands are complete and balanced. They are easy to feed, relativity inexpensive and provide proper nutrition.

Is homemade meal better than commercial pet food?