The golden standards for pet product & service quality excellence

How can we not shower our pets with the best love and care? Thanks to selfless owners who treat pets like their own children, the pet care market in Hong Kong has grown hugely in the past couple of years. However, despite the wide range of options offered, legislation to regulate the quality and safety of pet supplies, food, and services, is yet to be in place, leading to unnecessary concerns for pawrents.

It was an honour for us to be invited to the kick-off ceremony of the “Quality Pet Protection (QPP)” programme, organised by IBH PET Development Standing Committee, along with world-leading third-party independent testing company SGS.

This scheme aims at standardising the quality of supplies and services in the pet care market, so that owners can make suitable, well-informed purchase decisions. Pet Space believes that universalising product and service quality is the best way to improve pet care standards locally.

petspace X SGS 寵物優質安健保障計劃